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Zytex group inception was on 17th April 1947 under the name Arun & Co. as a trading company. The group changed its path in 1996 with its first venture into manufacturing of textile enzymes. The name ‘Zytex’ was coined from Enzymes and textiles. Zytex Corporation is one of the most recognized enzyme brand in India for textile industry today. Fermentation research started in the company in 2004 with a focus on bacillus technology. In 2009, Zytex Biotech Pvt. Ltd. set up a world class fermentation plant. Zytex, today, is one of the leading producers of bacillus in India and poised to become a global player.
From the core technology of fermentation, Zytex started its Bio Agri division PlantbiotiX in 2015. In just a couple of years, PlantbiotiX has become a highly recognized brand for its high quality and performance-based products in the agriculture. PlantbiotiX focus is on sustainable farming.

Zytex bacillus technology is now used in human nutrition, animal nutrition, aquaculture and waste water treatment.

Zytex group also operates Unilever’s global enzyme lab for its detergent division supporting more than 90 factories globally and since 2009.

Zytex group comprises of Zytex Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Zytex Corporation, Rashesh & Co. and Arun and Company.
Manufacturing Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
Zytex has 2 manufacturing facilities
  1. The advance fermentation plant at Savli Biotech Park, Vadodara, India for probiotics and enzymes
  2. The textile enzyme and auxillary plant along with advance technology for silicone technology
Research and Development
Research and Development
At Zytex we encourage lateral thinking and provide an environment for creativity and innovation. Our Research initiatives are backed with the energy and dynamism of our research team.
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Zytex Presence
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News and Updates
February 2024 News and Updates
Zytex’s Silvassa employees have a showdown at Sayli Cricket Stadium for Overarm Tournament!

Congratulations to the Admin Team led by Captain Rajendra Shukla for clinching victory in the Overarm Tournament! Kudos to the Production Team led by Captain Kishor Patel, for their impressive performance as runners-up. It was an exhilarating display of talent and teamwork by all teams.

#Zytex #Silvassafactory #Silvassa #CricketTournament #SayliCricketStadium #Teamwork #Sportsmanship #EmployeeEngagement

January 2024 News and Updates
Aerobic Bacteria Culture for ETP & STP launched in partnership with Zytex by Pure Water Enterprises !!

We are thrilled to announce Zytex partnership with Pure Water Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. to revolutionize wastewater treatment with sustainable solutions!

With a shared commitment to excellence, Zytex have joined forces to introduce PureBact, a revolutionary Microbial Culture product designed for wastewater treatment in both ETP and STP applications. Together, we are committed to harnessing innovative technologies and eco-friendly practices to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.

Stay tuned for updates on our journey towards a cleaner, greener future! #Wastewatertreatment #Sustainability #CleanWaterForAll

Zytex and Lallemand recently organized exciting coffee processing workshop in Chikmangalur!

Zytex and Lallemand curated a fantastic event on Jan 28, 2024, at Kadur Club. Camille Duez shared a detailed overview of LalCafe yeast, offering valuable insights into its range for coffee processing. Dr. Sunalini Menon then shared her experience with LalCafe yeast in India. The day concluded with a delightful coffee tasting session led by Dr. Menon, featuring coffee made with LalCafe yeast.
A truly enriching event for coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

#CoffeeProcessing #LalCafeYeast #industryinsights #zytexcircleofcoffee #yeast #lalcafebylallemand #Indiancoffee

Republic Day Celebration At Zytex Vadodara Factory

Honoring our nation's spirit of unity and resilience on this Republic Day. Proudly raising our flag high at Zytex's Baroda factory, as our employees come together to salute the values of freedom, democracy, and progress. #RepublicDay #UnityInDiversity

Upskilling our Textile and Specialty Division team to work on complex data!!

Recently, Zytex have conducted online session held by certified professional who transformed team's approach to data presentation,enhancing their proficiency in MS Excel and PowerPoint.

Key learning from the session is how to convey complex information in the simplest, most beautiful, and quickest way possible.

Reliving exciting moments at Vadodara Marathon 2024 !!

Team Zytex hits the ground running at the Vadodara Marathon 2024! Striding together towards health, happiness, and a little friendly competition.

#MGVM2024 #VadodaraMarathon2024 #TeamSpirit

Celebrating sportsmanship of our employees at Vadodara factory !!

Celebrating teamwork, sportsmanship, and pure joy! Our Vadodara factory employees hit the field for a thrilling cricket league and served up fun at various chat counters. A day filled with camaraderie, cheers, and unforgettable moments. Here's to the spirit of sports and unity at Zytex!

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