Food, Nutraceuticals & Speciality
Food, Nutraceuticals & Speciality
Zytex through its bacillus technology produce a neutraceutical enzyme Nattokinase used for improving peripheral blood flow and degrade fibrin. The product is sold in India, EU and the US
Zytex is also the only producer of biopolymer in India AquaDip a natural super humectant and a film forming biopolymer used in several known brands for skin creams, face wash, hair dyes and shampoos.
Product list:
Zytex today has tie up with several global companies bring a range of probiotics, prebiotics, neutraceutical and products for oenology, beer and food. Lallemand, Meiji, BLB, Toyo Science
Zytex group also has tie up with several companies for fermentation, diagnostic & pharmaceutical Industry