Zytex is synomnous with enzymes in the Indian textile market. Zytex is a pioneer and the no.1 enzyme company in India for garments and fabrics. Zytex is a highly diverse technological company with its textile division boasting a product range of Enzymes, Auxiliaries, Silicones, and more.

Zytex has more than 25 distributors in India to cover the market and the products are also sold internationally. Zytex is also partnered with Giovanni Bozzetto, Italy for a range of speciality products. Giovanni Bozzetto is a global player in textile auxiliaries.

Zytex is a technology-driven enterprise with an aim to develop products and processes in a cost-effective manner while focusing on saving energy, time and water.
Zytex has achieved many milestones in its textile division:
  • Zytex has received GOTS V5.0 certificate for their auxiliaries. This certificate is a proof of safety measures undertaken for processing Organic Cotton Fabrics and moving towards sustainability.
  • Zytex’s innovation involving replacement of sodium carbonate has reduced TDS (Total Dissolved Solids); achieving a huge positive impact on the environment.
  • Zytex has developed specific enzymes which work at room temperature thus saving a considerable amount of energy.
  • Zytex continues to develop products and processes with sustainability as the goal.
Textile Enzymes and Auxiliaries