- Turning a new leaf for Bio-Agriculture.
‘PlantbiotiX’ is a Bio Agri business division of Zytex Biotech Pvt Ltd

At PlantbiotiX, we believe that microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life processes. So, it’s a probiotic in plant science. These biological products are effective, eco-friendly, cost-effective for the farmers. PlantbiotiX is committed to be the agricultural input industries preferred provider of Microbial based crop protection inputs, growth enhancement and soil health improvement products. PlantbiotiX rely in ‘Innovate safe and sustainable biological solutions for improving livelihood of farmers’.

Microbes helps plants by improving availability of crop nutrients, enhancing plant root growth and neutralizing toxic compounds in soil, it also helps plants in improving resistance against diseases, deterring pathogens and mitigates abiotic stress in totality assist in cultivating crops in a more sustainable way. PlantbiotiX product range have been extensively and successfully tested by knowledgeable progressive fruits and vegetable growers of Nasik area of Maharashtra for more than two years under different agro-climatic conditions.

PlantbiotiX range consist of high class Bio nutrition, Bio-control and Soil health improvement products for farming community.

PlantbiotiX is committed to provide the green solutions in Bio Agriculture space to improve yield, improve soil health and offer biological disease control. A Plantbiotix core philosophy remains the same as its group “Better Technology Better World” and contribute significantly to sustainable agriculture.

“PlantbiotiX “A step towards creating the future of Bio Agriculture “, To learn more about Bio Ag products its application please do visit
First E-Newsletter We now have the "ECOCERT" to certify our products as organic.