Probiotics & Prebiotics for Human Nutrition
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Probiotics for Human Nutrition
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Zytex is a research-based company with a focus on bacillus technology & fermentation technology. Zytex, today, is one of the leading producers of bacillus in India and poised to be a global leader in bacillus manufacturing and product development. As an expert in Bacillus, Zytex, offers carefully selected best of strains of bacillus spores for direct-fed microbials applications in Human Nutrition.

Gastro-intestinal health and the maintenance of a balanced microflora is the most important application for probiotics& prebiotics, both historically and in scientific evidence.

Today, the efficiency of probiotics and prebiotics in this domain is not only widely accepted but supported by many experts and health practitioners. By selecting the right strains and using specific prebiotics that exert different and complementary activities, it is possible to have specific formulations for wide applications.

Zytex through its subsidiaries Arun & Co. and Rashesh & Co. have partnered with the world's top suppliers to bring products to the Indian market.
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